Background links for “Ukraine on Fire”

Ukraine on Fire- the movie

Watch “Ukraine on Fire” on you tube

“The Documentary You’ll Likely Never See” Synopsis and commentary on “Ukraine on Fire”

Maidan –  a Coup?

Nuland – Pyatt Leaked Phone Conversation ( “F – the EU!”)

“Evidence of US Backed Coup in Kiev”

“A US Backed Far Right-Led Revolution in Ukraine Helped Bring Us to the Brink of War”

“Who are the Protesters in Ukraine?”

Maidan Coup – Unconstitutionality Description of Constitutional procedures not followed by Maidan coup perpetrators.

Maidan Coup – Role of International Monetary Fund IMF

Interview with Renfrey Clarke, author of “Ukraine’s Big MIstake: The Catastrophe of Ukrainian Capitalism: How Privatization Dispossessed and Impoverished the Ukrainian People” Interview with Indian Political Economist Prabhat Patnaik about role of IMF in the Ukraine Coup

Maidan Coup – Sniper Massacre: Who did it?

Hidden Truth about Ukraine  Part 1 Documentary interviewing 3 Georgian snipers that participated in the sniper operation by opposition forces

Hidden Truth about Ukraine Part 2 Phone Conversation between Estonian minister and EU rep about Sniper Massacre by opposition forces

Maidan Coup – Sniper Massacre – Peer Reviewed Academic Investigation

“The Buried Maidan Massacre and Its Misrepresentation by the West” in Consortium News Best presentation of Katchanovski’s evidence.

Full Academic Investigation of Maidan Sniper Massacre
Canadian Academic Report by Professor Ivan Katchanovski,

Professor Katchanovski’s Maidan Sniper Massacre Video

Maidan Coup – National Endowment for Democracy NED – Color Revolutions

“CIA’s Hidden Hand in Democracy Groups”

“Anatomy of a Coup: How CIA Front Laid Foundations for Ukraine Coup”

“Who are the Protesters in Ukraine”

“Most of the Fact Checking Organizations Facebook Uses in Ukraine are Directly Funded by Washington”

Neo-Nazis in Ukraine

“Inside a White Supremacist Militia in Ukraine” Magazine report 2019

“Ukraine’s Got A Real Problem With Far Right Violence”

“NATO’s Atlantic Council Promoted Ukraine’s Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion”